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Streamline Grad School with these 8 Tools Permalink

I spend most of every day carrying out my research on my computer, so I’ve taken the time to accumulate a set of digital tools that help to streamline my processes and save me a ton of time. I can’t imagine working without a lot of these tools now!

Can physical product designers work from home? Permalink

Can physical products be designed and developed by teams working together virtually, from home? At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, one-third of the employed American workforce worked from home. Despite this, only 3% of those were from the manufacturing sector.

How do product design teams converge on an idea? Permalink

Is it possible to track, and in the future, guide, a design team’s activities by analyzing their digital communication? That was the question I attempted to answer in the first publication of my PhD, with the specific aim of identifying convergence on a design idea.